The Richmond. June 13, 2014 (11 photos)

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Geary Blvd idyll.
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In the Avenues, every hour is magic hour, as long as there’s no fog.
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The new S.F. You have to come to the Outer Richmond to find a hipster-free taqueria. Diagonal parking spaces a bonus.
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How cars and houses look in the alternate universe of the Richmond, where the people wear jackets in the summer.
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The beach is almost an afterthought in the Richmond.
A crowded beach by Richmond District standards.
A crowded beach by Richmond District standards.
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The last red light in the Western Hemisphere?
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The windmills in Golden Gate Park aren’t just there for looks. They originally took advantage of the area’s high wind activity to pump groundwater to water the park’s flora.
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How a beach town should look.