An Edsel In a Strip Mall Parking Lot

I was in Greater Cleveland over the past weekend visiting family, and I saw something I’d never seen before.


It’s 1957’s car of the future, the Ford Edsel.


I am not certain what year or model this car is, but it has to be over a half-century old. Though I kept a respectful distance while taking these photographs, from where I stood the car didn’t appear to be restored in any particular way. It had modern Tennessee plates and seemed to just be parked there, rather than stranded or on display.

Closeup of the EDSEL lettering.

It’s an Edsel alright.


The front grill stares you down with a fierce expression, while the rear taillights gaze at you softly.

If you look long enough, it will wink at you.
If you stare long enough, it will wink.

IMG_1564The car as it first appeared to me, in the rear of the parking lot, with its tail end facing out at the street.

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